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Each category below represents a core smart home capability and our range of expertise in each area. For full transparency we'll always admit when we are the experts. In some cases, more importantly, we'll also own up to it when we are not.

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My Smart Home Timeline

My personal journey of smart home projects
Inspirations and elation from good ideas and some very valuable lessons learned from bad ideas...
Check out more information on each higlighted in our Projects section

Philips Hue Lights

@ March 2017
Yes, this is what started it all! It was a very simple requirement: Have you ever gotten really cozy in bed after a long day and realized that you left the lights on and now have to get up (or bribe your significant other) and walk all the way over to the light switch to turn them off? I know, "first world problems". But let's face it, if you're reading this, you get it! I got a couple basic white dimmable Philips Hue bulbs after doing a little research to try in our lamps, one on each nightstand, This new love affair with lighting automation didn't stop there. It quickly expanded to full color spectrum lights and light strips, automation routines for different times of the day, voice assistant triggered controls and motion detector controls.

Amazon Alexa Voice Assistant

@ May 2017
If you're just catching on to the practicality of having a few of these around the house, they've come a LONG way in a very short time. New features are released constantly and hardware options have also been improving consistently with the growing demand.

"Alexa, scroll down."

Samsung SmartThings

@ June 2017
After adding a few 'neat' things to my smart home like lights and assistants, it was time to make a critical decision. Was I going to go ALL OUT? That was easily answered with a resounding, "YES!"

Arlo Pro Security Cameras

@ November 2017
There are a ton of options out there in this category. Choices and features and monthly cost decisions, OH MY! Ultimately, it all came down to video quality, mobile app features and accessibility, and finally, integration requirements (works with Alexa, works with SmartThings, etc). These little wifi-only, truly wireless cameras from Netgear are amazing and can be adapted to so many practical applications.

ActionTiles & Tablet Controllers

@ December 2017
Once you have hubs, mobile apps, and voice assistants capable of automating, controlling, and essentially running your whole home, it may warrant having some conrol interfaces spread throughout the home with a display and funcitoning "buttons" that are customized based on location. 

Smart Mirror

@ December 2017
With the ability to customize both the layout and modules diplaying on the screen which you view by looking into the 2-way mirror, this project comes with all kinds of flexibility. Your imagination (and willingness to research solutions) are the only inhibitions. As you can imagine, pure geekdom abounds every time I talk about this one with family and friends.


I'm ALWAYS working on something new or upgrading my old projects with the latest gear or software enhancements. Come back here to check out what might be next...

Life Aside

When I'm not working full time to pay the bills, consulting or geeking out on one of my own smart home projects here, I'm a husband, father, musician, Atlanta sports fan, and classic car enthusiast (in that order). And the most exciting part of my life aside:

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